Sigmentor Profiles

A Sigmentor © is any individual who has proven entrepreneurial experience and is prepared to extend measurable value to a millennial in exchange for measurable value from the millennial.
There must be value for value...a quid pro quo
No measurable value exchange deal.

In the case of Sigmentor...a Sigmentor is a mentor who actually has measurable skin in the game
A SIGmentor is a mentor who has something to lose.

Value for value is the ignition needed for more value. It’s up to both to connect, negotiate and create something.
This is not a job hunt...its an independent career launch. It is also an opportunity for a Sigmentor to add real value to their net worth.

A Sigmentor must post a 6 - 10 line narrative and a 30 second home made video anonymously describing what they can bring to a deal.

A Sigmentor must be a registered member of MX.

Look below for Sigmentors

Alex - Member

Alex has 30 years of experience as a personal financial planning adviser including many years as a national award winning adviser for a huge national investment house in Canada and a Venture and Debt financing consultant for the smaller corporations in North America. He has presented over 300 seminars on SB financing in all major cities across Canada. he is the author of 2 books on SB management and former host of major market radio features on SB management.
Alex served as a consultant to the Dept of External Affairs on entrepreneurial immigration and he is an authorized dealer for precious metals bullion, marketing internationally.
Alex is prepared to consider integrating his experience with a MX member millennial who may be looking for ways to short cut the experience gap in the pursuit of developing their own independent career opportunity aspiration in financial services.
In exchange for accessing this experience the millennial will be expected to negotiate ways to exchange values such as future earnings, with Alex.
To pursue this opportunity millennials should indicate their interest thru the MX

Peter - Member

Want to tap into more than 30 years experience, three decades of contacts, almost half a century of plying a trade as successfully as possible? I'd love to work with neophytes who are taking the same fresh approach I took when I started all those millennia ago; and with your energy and know-how combined with my experience and know-who, we could bring sensational verve to any project we work on together. I'm in the Toronto area but that doesn't matter anymore, does it? Which is great.

Charlene - Member

I have parlayed a BSc in Design (University of Michigan) into a lifetime of bridging the worlds of art, design, production and marketing. I’ve taught middle school, I was director of marketing and communications at a Bay Street financial service company; I’ve designed and built my home and cottage and would like to develop a quid pro quo with any millennial interested in fine arts and sales.

Erin - Member

Since 2011 Erin has worked directly with affluent families and closely-held businesses, advising them on estate planning, corporate-owned life insurance and creating tax-advantaged income streams. She began her career at her family’s wealth management practice in 2002, and joined one of Canada’s top agencies, The Firstbrook Insurance Group in Toronto in 2011. Most recently, she owned and operated McKee Insurance Consulting, LLC, working closely with Canadian and American life insurance agents and their clients to evaluate the performance and sustainability of life insurance portfolios. Erin has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wilfred Laurier University, with a focus in philosophy. She has her life insurance licenses in both Massachusetts and Ontario. She is a member of the Boston Estate Planning Council, The Commonwealth Institute, The Trusts and Estates Consortium and Association for Advanced Life Underwriters.

Erin is experienced in navigating immigration channels to expand Canadian sole proprietors bring their services into the US. She is also very familiar in insurance company data aggregation techniques.

Diane - Member

I am a semi-retired math teacher with a small tutoring business. I hope to mentor math (or math-oriented) students--grad or undergrad--who would like to become tutors and in doing so, I could grow my business as they develop their own skills and earn money.  I will train candidates and award them with a certificate of completion then offer free counselling and backup while the new tutors work with their own clients.