Pro Bono Advisors

Research clearly shows that when an MX link occurs between a SIGmentor and an Emerging Entrepreneur, a stalemate often appears and not with standing clear perceptions of mutual ValueXchange, the link is stuck – nothing happens.

When one or both parties do not know ‘the next step’ to take. MX has developed a FREE  professional ‘unsticking’ service called MX Katalyst. 

MX Katalyst

MX has assembled a team of professionals in the following areas: Accounting and Finance, Legal experts and Accomplished entrepreneurs, who will on a Pro Bono basis, help the link break out with a ‘next step’.

Here’s how the Katalyst Works: 

  1. The Emerging Entrepreneur and SIGmentor must be a MX Member.
  2. MX Platform Managers, in the normal course of platform management may observe the stalemate and offer Katalyst to the participants.
  3. Participants may contact the MX Platform Manager and ask for Katalyst Service.
  4. MX Platform will initiate contact with a Pro Bono Advisor and request their intervention.
  5. The MX Platform Manager will contact participants that a pro bono advisor will provide them with 30-60 minutes of free consulting.
  6. Pro Bono Advisors will not conduct conventional service. They will listen, observe and advise of a ‘next step’ action for the participants. They may refer participants to other professionals who can help effect the advised next step opinion. If those services are pursued the professional advisor will expect payment – as negotiated.

Note: All Katalyst/Pro bono communication must be facilitated by the MX Platform Manager.