MX Money


MXM is a members only listing of individuals who wish to invest capital into opportunities posted on the MX Platform.

To be listed as a MXM member you must  first be a MX member and then complete a listing through our MX Platform Manager, accessible through

All members gain MXM VIP treatment and have a "First Look Opportunity" to the very fertile financial/investment opportunities listed on the MX ValueXchange Platform.

For more information on MX Money contact,  

The Process

Millennial's explore the platform


SIGmentor's explore the platform

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(mutual benefit preceived)

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(mutual benefit identified)

(opportunity established)  

MX Money
(MXM explores established opportunity) 

Criteria to Participate in MXM


All MX Money members must first be registered members on the MX Platform.


MXM candidates must record on the MXM listings their preferred industry they wish to invest in. MXM candidates are not limited to this industry. 


Members must record the range of funding they can provide on a timely basis. 


The MX Money members must record their preferred but not limited to, type of financing they wish to provide (i.e. Debt, Venture, Guarantee, or a combination) 


Members should be clear as to what are the expected general Return on Investment (ROI) of MXM. 


The MXM should submit to the Platform Manager a narrative of no more than 15 lines describing the above. When submitted and vetted and prior to posting the MXM should pay MX a $300 MXI fee which is a one time life time fee. 


Pursuit of any and all opportunities by the MXM is unlimited. 

List of MX Money Members

Alex - Member

Alex is a SIGmentor who will consider investing up to $25, 000 into a financial service concept listed by a MX Member. Investment may take the form of conventional debt, equity, guarantee or a combination of these forms.

If interested please contact