How do I...

…Find out about fees?

There is absolutely no cost of fee for posting your narrative and homemade complimentary video. If you are explored by a member or you wish to contact another posting you must pay a one time, life time membership fee. This fee is generally $200, contact for more details

In all cases our Platform Manager must facilitate the initial connection between members.  

…Register as a millennia!?

...Register as a Sigmentor?

…Qualify as an Emerging Entrepreneur

Generally you should have a school association and be between 18 and 31. You should have a career opportunity aspiration and be prepared to exchange values for assistance from a SIGmentor.

…About an MX ValueXchange

An MX ValueXchange is an event that appears in communications between a sigmentor and a millennial where both perceive some ValueXchange to each other. They must negotiate terms for mutual benefit. 

…Get my school MX Certified so I don’t have to pay as much?

MX negotiates with all schools ensuring that there is no cost to any MX school certification. For more information, contact Brock/Biolinc is prepared to mentor new school on boarding.

…Move forward if we are stuck in the initial link?

MX linkers and MX platform management can access a pro-bono professional consulting service called MX Katalyst (MXK). Upon member request, our PTS program will introduce you to professional business consulting service who will provide next step guidance.

…Secure additional income as a self employed?

It just may be that a well negotiated deal between an Emerging Entrepreneur and a SIGmentor might create monthly cash flow out of groomed introduction to established network of contacts.

…Participate if I’m not connected to an MX Certified School?

Contact support@millennialxchange. Our PTS team will try to work something out for you. If you are from a MX Certified school membership fee structure is more attractive.

…Secure funding for our ventures?

Any investor is more inclined to consider investing if your proposal has a combination of an idea (Emerging Entrepreneur) and experience (SIGmentor).

…Find out about Preferred Supplier opportunities?

Preferred Supplier service is a service a company wishes to sell to our exclusive SIGmentor and Millennial market. For an annual fee, the outside supplier will be able to market its goods and devices to the MX members. The supplier can promote specific rates and discounts to interested members and will be able to show their corporate logo on the MX website and advertise that they are Preferred Suppliers to MX. For more information on this exclusive prequalified marketing opportunity, contact

...Find out about the the history of MX: The Brock/BioLinc model?

When a Senior partner from a large accounting and taxation firm and his client, a just retired investment advisor with significant expertise in small business financing met with the Dean of a University Business School, it didn’t take them long to agree that with over 33% of millennials growing up in their parents basement that it’s not the good for our nation’s long term social economic fabric.

More had to be done...not just for the millennials and vanishing career opportunities......but clearly, the existing conventional system could not carry the load alone.

They formed MX, a not for profit, members only, corporation, and its role is described throughout this site.

They knew there is a clear thirst in our society for entrepreneurial growth and that the world of the Canadian Entrepreneur will always look for innovative ideas to grow their wealth

The MX platform does that...and has proven that it can be done. In fact, we do it now.

Over many many months todays MX has evolved

Here are some basic things we have learned:

There are many millennial who have career opportunities ideas.

Not many are Elon Musks .

They are found in all faculties and all disciplines in all colleges and universities, they have career dreams.

Funding to build an idea is sparce… Funding for an idea, combined with experience, is easier.

There are entrepreneurs who have a need for new ideas to increase their wealth.

Entrepreneurs have in the trenches experience

When you mix entrepreneurial experience with a business idea you may create wealth AND launch an independent career opportunity

Both sides can win!

Today the MX model is operational through The Biolinc offices at Brock.

With Biolinc , MX has created  a program that is economically self-supporting and does not add budget cost for any school that wishes to be a MX Certified School!

Colleges and universities are a prime resource of registrants to MX as they provide registrants thru undergraduates and alumni. 

MX links those together.

More Universities and Colleges participating in MX means more MX Links

It just may be that a Millennial from Toronto might link up with a Sigmentor in Vancouver or a Sigmentor in Calgary might link up with a Millennial from Niagara.

Undergrads, recent grads and established alumni get preferred rates, if their school is MX credentialed.

There is no cost for any school to be MX Credentialed.

MX has a credential resource team to assist interested colleges and universities.

MX and Biolinc are prepared to meet with school officials as we now have a plug in model to make schools in Ontario and throughout Canada “turnkey” operational and become MX Credentialed Schools.

While there is a small initial school deposit, it is fully refundable at 12 months.

How nice for an admissions dept. to be able to show students and parents a new tool to access a career opportunity upon graduation.

How nice for a school to show first hand actual balance sheet value contribution to the entrepreneur community.