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Set out below is a list of emerging entrepreneurs and their career opportunities. Any one may register their opportunity. Their registration will be received by MX and verified.

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Lenford - Member

An economics major at Brock University, I've been a day trader, investor and equity analyst. I founded and serve as CEO of LendU, a micro-financing program for entrepreneurs, especially those working within university incubators (e.g., Brock's Biolinc) and collaborative workspaces. LendU leverages machine learning so customers benefit from speed, transparency and simplicity. I'm also a graduate of the Founder Institute Accelerator of Toronto, an intense Silicon-Valley-based program that takes you from having a business idea to having customers.

Mel - Member

I find solutions and innovative opportunities, and I’ve done so for multiple industries. Now I'd like to work with a mentor with whom I can share my skill set and energy. I’ve created prototypes and products in plastics and fragrances, worked with local-food programs, e-commerce, augmented-reality, education, marketing, and media. I am a former student at the Goodman School of Business at Brock University currently in my final year of an undergraduate degree in Economics.

Danny - Member

Millennial Name Here

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