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ValuesXchange Network

...Where an established and emerging entrepreneur may add measurable value to each others balance sheet.

How Do I…

The Purpose of MX

The purpose of MX is to add help emerging and established entrepreneurs create a connection that could provide benefits to one another that could last a life time. 

Through the use of our PTS (PERSONAL TOUCH SERVICE)  and on our revolutionary, social media free, MX Platform technology our Platform Managers can facilitate mutually agreed private contact between an emerging entrepreneur and a SIGmentor (Skin In the Game Mentor) with an eye to exchange measurable values.  

The term MX is a trade style of  ValueXchange.com. 

As more schools, millennials and alumni register the value of our National ValueXchange Network of opportunities increases. 


…Become a member

Follow the registration form here. You must first register a 6 - 10 line narrative and post a no more than 15-25 second home made video on the MX platform and send to support@ValueXchange.com. Our platform management team will verify your submission and post it for public view on MX as long as you approve (within 5 working days) of the verified posting. Posting a profile on the platform is absolutely free! If you see an opportunity on the platform and wish to explore it, you must be a member of MX. At that point you must pay MX a member ship fee of $200 if you are associated with a MX certified school and $300 if you are not. This is a one time, life time fee. Click here to register.

…Explore opportunities

If you want to contact a posted member you must be a member as well...off line contact is then encouraged. Only a member can contact another member. Contact info is only available through our Platform Management Team.

…Access Personal Touch Service (PTS)

PTS is only available thru Support@ValueXchange.com. Feel free to call or email. MX is a trusted (social media free) platform technology. Our friendly service is always willing to give a hand. 

Take a look and see how MX helped these entrepreneurs make the most of their connection.